Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Moon is Void, Ofcourse

The first time I heard this expression it was from my sister who doesn't really follow astrology. She said that an old friends' mother had always said this when she was feeling extra spacey. Neither of us had any idea what it meant and we made it into a joke of an excuse: 'the moon is void of course' became 'the moon is void, ofcourse'.
Today I was entirely without motivation, energy, brain power... even still. I missed school, napped from noon to two (totally against my will, I simply couldn't keep myself awake) and could not get it together to even begin the thorough house cleaning I promised myself as the exchange for attending class. I only just got around to looking into a little of today's astro and found that the moon was in fact void of course. Voila.
The moon void of course mean's that it makes no aspects to another planet during that time. Apparently you aren't supposed to start something new under this influence as it won't last but this hasn't been much of a problem for me because I find it hard to do anything at all under this influence. The only thing I wish is that I'd known sooner because the knowledge is usually enough to let me surrender to the lazy hazy-ness and embrace the relaxation rather than constantly attempting to do things that go nowhere.
It's also times like these that I'm envious of all the people who seem to go unaffected by the astro weather, I embrace it when it's inspiring but moon void of course I could do without.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Making it Real

Mercury and Saturn are conjunct today in Libra the sign of relationships and astrologers are calling it the "make it real" aspect. I simply had to write because it's manifested a little something in my life and I can definitely feel the Saturn of it. A boy gave me his phone number. Yes, I'm a grown woman but this freaks me out. In other "make it real" efforts this is another of my own personal Mercury/Saturn themed things: saying what I think/feel even when it makes me squeamish. I don't often want to openly admit that a boy asking me to call him freaks me out but it does. I don't know why, I just sometimes want to skip ahead to where I'm positive I like him and he likes me and all the introductory stuff is out of the way. What I have to remind myself is that this part can be fun, too. It's true, a lot of people have said so....