Thursday, October 6, 2011

Making it Real

Mercury and Saturn are conjunct today in Libra the sign of relationships and astrologers are calling it the "make it real" aspect. I simply had to write because it's manifested a little something in my life and I can definitely feel the Saturn of it. A boy gave me his phone number. Yes, I'm a grown woman but this freaks me out. In other "make it real" efforts this is another of my own personal Mercury/Saturn themed things: saying what I think/feel even when it makes me squeamish. I don't often want to openly admit that a boy asking me to call him freaks me out but it does. I don't know why, I just sometimes want to skip ahead to where I'm positive I like him and he likes me and all the introductory stuff is out of the way. What I have to remind myself is that this part can be fun, too. It's true, a lot of people have said so....

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