Friday, September 16, 2011

Mixed Messages

Olivia Bee (yes, again)

There's a hell of a lot going on these days. Pluto stationed direct yesterday and Venus is now in Libra, a sign of relationships and balance and also one of her home signs. Mars and the Sun are both about to change signs, Mars into Leo and the Sun into Libra. I don't know about you but I've been feeling some definite stirrings lately.
While Venus in Libra means good energy for us all there are also aspects inching into place that could mean something bigger than just harmonious relationships. This weekend Venus will be aligning with Uranus and Pluto which both have the energy of revolution about them. Uranus more of a lightning strike and Pluto a darker energy for whom I believe the metaphor is "change or die" which, if you know anything about spirituality, alchemy, astrology or metaphysics -mean the same thing. After all change is the death of what was. Both can cause considerable upheaval, which isn't really a bad thing but is difficult for a lot of people to process. I'll be expecting some chaos around me if not in my own life.
What I'm finding a little confusing is the many perspectives on this that I've read. There's the possibility of wild surprises in the realm of love and romance but it seems there's also some sort of required transformation in the works. I've seen some astrologers warning that if you're willing to take the chance there may be some amazing opportunities but not to expect them to be lasting, which is basically a way of saying you might get laid but you probably won't meet your future husband or wife so check your expectations for the time being.
While Libra is all about relationships Venus is also about money and what we value so let's not overlook the possibility of revolution is those areas, as well. I myself got some impromptu and very welcome encouragement today in terms of the new career I'm working to create. A lot of it having to do with assurance of all that I have to offer, which is an area I sometimes find difficult to cheer myself on in. As much as I love love (you will see) I don't want to overlook all of the other things that Venus deals with so do think also about possible revolutions to self worth, money and how it comes into your life and what you value in general.
To me this is much deeper than a flash in the pan, but then I've been told that the Pluto energy is very strong in my chart so it figures. There seems a distant and general humming underfoot, something like the sensation that a wave is about to crash and disrupt all of out beliefs about love and relationships (and all those other Venus themes), turn us all on our ears in a way that will stay with us for the rest of our lives and I'm excited to see what comes of it all.

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