Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday 11 September 2011

I think I've had an obsession about astrology my entire life. Since I was in my earliest teens I was buying books and doing my own chart.) Over and over... and over. About.... ten (?) years ago I found a horoscope by Eric Francis of Planet Waves that blew my mind. It was Flaunt magazine, I believe, that ran his horoscopes back then. I had never read anything so amazing and wanted to know what he knew. I stalked the website and subscribed to everything he sold, at the time I believe that was a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter with two monthly horoscopes for each sign and a big annual edition. I realized that there was better astrology writing available than what you find in the newspaper and half the online sites. Even the ones that I considered more insightful than the rest at that time I've since abandoned. I'll skip the endless praise and just go on.
I began to understand a lot more about astrology -it's history, much more in depth information about all it's elements. To go from the somewhat glossy explanations of things to the much larger explanations. In many astrology books, for example, which claim to be providing you with an entire overview -everything you need to know, they claim- they often provide a short list of attributes of a particular sign or planets properties. When I started to read all this new information (because once I found Planet Waves I kept finding more new sources) I realized how little I knew and I have never recovered. 
What I'm getting at is that I've been obsessed with serious astrology for ten years now and general astrology for quite a while before that. In all this time I feel that what I know is like a drop of water in a field in which the amount of information that needs to be absorbed is the size of all of the oceans in the world. The variables are endless. It's a freaking science and in a way it's a living science as the universe never ceases changing, readjusting and pulling out new tricks. Alignments that happen only once every thousand or so years. How much history is there to compare to the qualities of all these interactions?! It's endless. And as I'm not as much a "studier" as I used to try to convince myself, like those people who become interested in something and track down and devour all of the highest educational material possibly available on the subject and then remember it for life. I just keep reading the stuff they write and then pulling out some of the books that I thought would be really good but just give slightly less glossy overviews of things that you cannot possibly view glossily over. But I've come to terms with my casual ways and I've decided to just go ahead and start writing this blog anyway. I'm thinking it'll be some combo of informative, entertaining and educational (for me, that is) -in that I hope people will comment and help me clear things up when I'm questioning my understanding of it all, or just be conversational about it, at least. I just know that with all that's already out there there are still days when I can't find the information I'm looking for which makes me feel compelled to be one who throws a shovel load of dirt in that hole instead of passing by it every day and glancing in. 
I should warn you, I have a hunch it's going to be pretty narcissistic around here for a while. Like I said before, I still feel like I don't really know all that much so I'm betting a lot of the questions I pose will have something to do with myself but I'll try really hard to mask that somehow and keep it interesting to everyone else. And, ofcourse, I've gotten a lot better at interpreting what I collect from reading others, so hopefully that will make for something interesting, too. 
And with that, here I go!

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