Saturday, September 17, 2011

This Is Why I Know Astrology

All day today I've been in a mood. I gave myself the day off school, something I rarely do, because I just had a feeling it was for the best. All day I've been alternately trying to understand a reason for this mood and trying to find ways to distract myself from it or work through it and yet I can't quite shake it. It's been a pretty good day, too. With the weather suddenly cooling I went to one of my favorite thrift stores in search of sweaters and found an armload of clothes which I decided I required -why not when they're $2 to $9 a piece? The store itself was absolutely insane with a lot of the territorial energy of people wanting what they haven't found yet. When I got to the registers there were absolute swarms of people. Totally out of the ordinary. When I finally got to the cashier he explained that they're having a sale and all the clothes were half off today which was awesome because as much as I did truly need some of what I had I'd been working to convince myself that I needed everything I'd decided on (I also picked up a birdcage because it was only $10 and every so often I entertain the idea of a parrot or a pair of lovebirds or something). I kept trying to figure out if all of it was somehow related to Pluto direct and/or Venus in Libra and/or the Uranus aspect and so on.
I took my dogs for a hike and ran into lots of nice people and nice dogs and it was beautiful out. But still I have this strangling feeling in my throat. Finally I remembered to check my personalized daily horoscope on astrodienst and voila. Mercury square my natal Mars. Wouldn't you know it. The general forecast today calls for revolutions in love and I get Mercury square Mars. This is a great example of why I know astrology, because whether or not I understand it I certainly can feel it. In light of all that's happening in the sky this weekend, for myself and for all of us, I'm pleased to be able to say that I think I handled it really well. Another reason I love knowing astrology -I can see when I'm growing and I can see when I'm not. I hope everyone else had an interesting day with Venus and Pluto and Uranus, I'm a little disappointed to have had such a strong aspect get in the way of my experiencing those three in a purer way.
PS: I just got a new book about Pluto, Neptune and Uranus transits and am once again really disappointed. Why is it that so many (or all???) serious astrology books talk about these transits so much as being negatively disruptive rather than positively (and evolutionarily) disruptive?! I can't read this!

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